My DIY Kyria Keyboard (Bongo Cat and all)


According to numerous studies (here’s one), US workers spent on average 7 hours a day sitting in front of a computer. Multiply that out over the course of a year and that’s over 2 months a year, sitting at a desk.

As an electrical engineer turned software developer, that sounds like a conservative estimate to me. Between work, projects, and late-night algorithm practice I’m clocking in way more than 7 hours a day at my desk. If you’re like me you may be experiencing some of the same symptoms:

Try as I might…

Confused man rubs eyebrows
Confused man rubs eyebrows
photo by Nathan Dumlao | Unsplash

With the explosion of online fake news and disinformation, it is increasingly difficult to discern fact from fiction. And as machine learning and natural language processing become more popular, Fake News detection serves as a great introduction to NLP.

Google Cloud Natural Language API is a great platform to use for this project. Simply upload a dataset, train the model, and use it to predict new articles.

But before we download a Kaggle dataset and get cracking on Google Cloud, it’s in our best interest to pre-process the dataset.

What is pre-processing?

To preprocess your text simply means to bring your text into…

Jon Dagdagan

Electrical engineer turned Software Engineer. I love data analytics, crispy UI, and all things neapolitan pizza

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